Kristelig Folkeparti participated in their first election in 1933. They received 10 272 votes and got one representative in parliament, Nils Lavik. There were no elections during the Second World War. KrF managed in 1945 to run for election in 11 of 29 election districts and received 117 813 votes and 8 seats in parliament. The party grew over the next elections. A key figure was Supreme Court lawyer Erling Wikborg who was a member of parliament until 1965.

KrF has been a part of 7 governments.

John Lyng (H) became the leader of a coalition government in 1963 consisting of SP, Krf, V and H. The government only lasted four weeks. KrF was part of a coalition government in 1964 with Per Borten (Sp) as the leader. The government resigned in 1971 on account of differences regarding membership in EF.

A new government was formed in 1972 with Sp, V and KrF with Lars Korvarld (KrF) as prime minister. The government only had 32 seats and governed a year.

In 1973, KrF received 12,2% of the vote and increased from 14 to 20 representatives and got 22 in 1977.

KrF was in government with H and Sp 1983-1986. The government only lasted a year on account of differences considering Europe related politics. KrF had their best election in 1997 with 13,7% percent of the vote and 25 seats. KrF formed a government with Sp and V. Kjell Magne Bondevik (KrF) became prime minister. The government lost a voting in parliament over gassworks March 2000.

KrF did well in 2001 with 12,4% of the votes and 22 seats. Kjell Magne Bondevik became prime minister once again and created a coalition government with H and V. KrF did poorly in the 2005 election, and the government had to resign.

H and Frp formed a government in 2013. KrF and V created an agreement to collaborate. 

1. What are your three most important voting issues?

1. What are your three most important voting issues?

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