Washington DC


What Will Your Washington DC Encounter Be? Meandering among museums and monuments with fellow global citizens in America's front yardHobnobbing and nose-rubbing with politicos, wannabe politicos and wannabe wannabe politicosCreeping yourself out on "The Exorcist" steps - and beware a tipsy tumbleChowing down on DC's infamous half smokes and chili dogs with ObamaCocktail-swillin' and hip-shakin' the night away - question is, hip-hop, salsa or "lingala?"Blazing the urban frontiers of up-and-coming 'hoods such as Columbia Heights and Northeast Discover Twice the City in Half the TimeB Full-color pull-out map and detailed neighborhood maps for easy navigationOur fabulous local author recommends the very best sights, restaurants, shops, bars and clubsUnique itineraries and must-see highlights help you make the most of a short tripLocals offer insider-only perspectives, from a political journalist on the best celebrity - and Obama - spotting to a real estate developer on the next best 'hood